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Anja Gantner: Life is full ... (How do you finish the following sentence)
Ted Hall: Life is full challenges and opportunities. Try to match those together and things will work out fine.
EA Birkett: Life is full infinite possibilities and probabilities, from steep mountains and crevices, to open plains and dense forests. Likely we will encounter them all multiple times. When we understand this, there comes a balance to our thinking and understanding as you realize that the cycle will come around again, leaving you better able to climb the hills, jump the crevices, enjoy the wide open plains and not get too lost in the forests.

Anja Gantner: What are you most grateful for in your past / present life?
Ted Hall: For the people that I'm close to.
EA Birkett: The possibility of becoming a better human being.

Anja Gantner: What is your worldview or philosophy of life / motto?
Ted Hall: Do what you love to do and use your gifts. To never stop growing in knowledge and compassion.

EA Birkett: to try to do everything with respect and to the best of my ability.. be it art or sweeping the the floor.. in essence, to never stop trying to be better, to learn, to be wiser and deeper in my understanding of life.

Anja Gantner: What role does the environment play in realizing your passion / goals / dreams or not losing focus?
Ted Hall: The environment. like this current pandemic (Corona), is an issue that must be addressed because the consequences are real.
EA Birkett: My answer here ties is exactly the same as my answer for "life is full of.." (complete the sentence).
Focus on what you can do and do it the best you can.

Anja Gantner: What do you think is your life's work in this world?
Ted Hall: To bring music to people.
EA Birkett: Again for it is the same question and answer as my life philosophy - question, but I would also add that if I do my work well, I might be able to touch some people and help them to better understand their life's story, or be able to put frayed or confused emotions into digestible words.

Anja Gantner: What are you doing to have a good time?
Ted Hall: Bringing music to the world.
EA Birkett: It doesn't matter what I'm doing (or at least I try to turn it in this direction), I always have a good time. Happy or sad, playful or serious. Maybe this doesn't make sense to you and it doesn't always make sense to me but perhaps one day it will.

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